Vehicle Maintenance

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Our technicians will evaluate your vehicle with care. If you need new wires, belts, spark plugs or an A/C recharge Pops Shop will get you taken care of.


Engine Repair/Rebuild


At Pops Shop we specialize in Engine Rebuilds. Call today to get an estimate on your engine repair.


Oil & Brake Checks

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 Pops Shop will change your oil and check your brakes. If you need new brakes or restores Pops Shop is the number one place to call.


Complete Vintage

     Car Rebuild

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At Pops Shop we offer competitive pricing on your vintage rebuilds. Our passion is to provide you with fully customizable work and paint. We will build your vintage from the ground up just the way you want it. 



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Not sure what's wrong with your car? Do you have a light that wont turn off? Pops Shop can get you in and figure it out for you. We charge a flat rate for all diagnostics and we can give you a free estimate of any possible repairs you may need to fix your vehicle issues. 


Body Work/Repair

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Pops Shop will treat your vehicle with ease. If you need body repair and paint come to Pops Shop who is partnered with Phoenix Creations to get the service you deserve. At Pops Shop we stand by our work and give our guarantee.

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